What We Do

“We foster a close relationship with Corporates and explore new ways of optimising guest experience. Working with 3H group would not just be a business deal. It would be an experience. You will not just remember us but will want to remember us after the conclusion of a business transaction.”

“We track and analyse guest information based on the geographical origin of our clients in order to attain the highest degree of guest satisfaction. For us the consumer is at the highest rung of the ladder.”

About Us

Started by a group of passionate entrepreneurs based out of Mumbai, India, 3H Group has tie ups with major five star and four star hotel chains on a pan India level. Our focus is on providing the highest possible degree of service while creating market share with select corporate companies. 3H Group's key focus is on Frequent Individual Business Travel, Board Meets, Incentive Programmes, Project related extended stay requirements, Product launches and more...

We pride ourselves on our meticulous and fastidious approach towards our client's wishes who eventually develop in to an extended network of friends. A feeling of well being must pervade in all our transactions. A dollop of creativity interspersed with razor sharp corporate insight, a dash of innovation, an enviable adroitness, unsurpassable resourcefulness and- voila-you've got yourself a brilliant corporate arrangement!

Our Clients

  • The Achiever:  You have reached the pinnacle of your success. We help you to enjoy it in comfort.
  • The Globetrotter:   You see the world. The world sees you. If you belong in this category then our services would help smoothen your path to a great extent.
  • The Power Magnet:   When you make decisions we make sure you do so from the comfort of a top notch, state of the art conference room.
  • The Epicurean:   Ah, the indulgences of a bon viveur! You are brimming with joie de vivre and you can't help but want to augment the feeling. You enjoy good food, good drink, good music- in a nutshell, a good life. We help you enhance the experience.
  • The Glitterati:   You are already shining but we add a certain sparkle to it. Everything from living to travel accommodations is made available to you in a jiffy.
  • The Travel Aficionado:   Picture this- You are someone who loves to experience different cultures, meet exotic strangers on little known islands; feel the whisper of a strange language rolling off your tongue. You are someone who lives to travel. Someone who lives to live. You have the means but don't have the time or the inclination or both to plan and execute these wanderings of the mind. Here is where we come in to the picture.

We can help you with as much or as little as you require to experience a trip of a lifetime.

Rent a castle in the brooding ruins of the windswept moors of the Emerald Isle; the ancient fortified home of the kings is just the tip of the iceberg for the moody and forlorn relics hidden away in the surrounding green expanse. Feudal fantasy abounds in the ruggedly beautiful Ireland heaving with castles full of moats, turrets, towers, defences and dungeons. Explore the mercurial grasslands on foot or have your very own private entourage guide you through the temperate regions. You will be spoilt for choice.

Soak in some sun and sand on the pristine white beaches in Hawaii while lightly sipping on an indolently swirling Lawa Flow, your attention reverentially compromised or immerse yourself in the rich and diverse culture of Greece, the Mediterranean coastline and beaches in Santorini, the decadent smell of flaky Baklava wafting through the open spaces, teasing your senses into a wild abandon, a half read book in your one hand, a glass of chilled Ouzo in the other.

Recline on a lounger in a cabana tucked away in the sultry streets of Rio, feast on the succulent grilled kebabs barbequed over an open fire pit, the burst of flavours creating a riot of senses in your mouth, watching the sun kiss the ocean- an ocean lapping at your door step, an atmosphere specifically designed by us to capture that refreshing Brazilian spirit 'tudo bem', - all's good.

Huddle together on a family holiday in the backwaters of Kerala, looking out through your very own Kettuvallam (house boat) complete with a fully functional kitchen, drawing lazy circles on the misty window panes, the lashing rain outside creating a scarily exhilarating setting, a steaming brew of herbal coffee in your hand providing comfort.

You name it and we provide it.